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As your birth doula it is my goal to ensure comfort, support and advocacy during your pregnancy, labor and postpartum journeys. My wish for each and every birthing person it to be well informed, well advocated for, and well prepared through each stage of birth and beyond. I'm here to let every expecting mama know that they are not alone in any of this. We will work together to make this the most empowering chapter of your story, and allow your future births to be filled with pride and knowledge where it matters most.
With my first birth came an unplanned, very traumatic c-section which led me to my interest in learning all about the birthing world.
My successful VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) with my second baby was the most beautiful redemption and it inspired me to finally become a doula.
Physiological birth is very important to me. I was taught and truly believe that if you leave birth untouched, to just be physiological, the outcome for the process becomes highly rewarding. 
I've been on the complete opposite ends of the birthing world. The worst of the unplanned but also the best. My personal experiences along with my certification, passion and advocacy will allow me to be the optimal support person during your most vulnerable time.

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"Working with Amrita as our birth doula was an amazing experience! I highly recommend her services. She was well educated, informed on all birthing questions I had and was a big comfort. My husband and I both felt really connected with her, and she valued our birth plan. She was my advocate and a huge help in the delivery room."

Fatima Shah

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